Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that users wonder about. Have any other question in mind?  Contact us!or write to us at

Types Of Ads

AdBaazi offers you 5 different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while it is live. Available types are:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Buying
  4. Exchange
  5. General
  6. Jobs

These types of ads represent a purpose behind them.

e.g. If you are looking to sell something, use ‘Sell’ Ad type.  If you wish to virtually auction something, use an ‘Auction’ Ad type.

If you are posting a Job Vacancy or searching for a job, select ‘Job’ type.

If you are posting an informational ad or something that doesn’t belong to any type, choose ‘General’ type.

How Auctions Work?

In order to participate in any auction first you need to register an account. Once you have an account visit any auction and in the sidebar you will notice bidding box.

Bellow input for bid value you will see what is the minimum value you must place. Once the auction is finished and if you’ve won it, you will receive a confirmation mail. Note, the ultimate decision to sell goods/services at the winning price solely depends on the ad poster. They are not legally bound to sell at the winning price.

List of all auctions in which you are or have been participated in is displayed on your profile under Auctions.

Note: All Auctions are virtual, without any monetary transaction or token money. However, abuse of this system for ads which don’t belong in Auction category is against ToS of our platform. For more, refer to Terms and Conditions.

How to know which category to choose?

Take the closest match to a particular sub category available for your content.

To view list of category, visit All Categories.

How do I see how my Ad is performing?

You can see how many people saw your ad by going to your Dashboard and selecting your Ad from Dropdown menu.

You can see a chart showing number of visits each day your ad was live on our platform.

How To Promote Submitted Ad?

In order to promote your ads, first you must navigate to your submitted ads and from the action menu select last option (promotion icon). It will open a dialog with list of all available promotions on platform as well as your currently active promotions for the particular ad.

List of available promotions are:

  1. Bump Up Ad – This will update creation date while expire time remains and can be used only once per ad.
  2. Highlight Ad – This will make your ad stand out from others in listing.
  3. Top Ad – Make your add in the first XX positions of listing as well as in it’s regular listing position.
  4. Urgent Ad – Display urgent ribbon on your ad to make it stand out.

With an exception of Bump Up promotion, all of them can have multiple packages available.

Once you have selected promotion type and period you can proceed to payment screen. Once the payment is cleared, your promotion will be active. Promotion starts from the time when payment is cleared and not from time the promotion is requested.

What Ad Packs Do You Offer?

AdBaazi operates on Ad Listing model. This means you pay for each ad that you post on our platform. We don’t ask for any commission for any sale, if any, generated from our platform.

Each Ad is valid for 7 days, after which it automatically expires.

We offer various packages containing different amount of ad quantities. When you purchase Ads in bulk (more than 5), you pay less per ad than a single ad purchase. For more, refer to Ad Packages.

How to Buy an Ad Package?

There are various mode of payments that we accept.

1. Bank Transfer – NEFT / IMPS

2. UPI

3. Credits Cards/ Debit Cards/ Net Banking ( via RazorPay Payment Gateway)

While posting an order, you will get an option to select your preferred mode of payment.

In case you pay via Bank Transfer or UPI, you will need to fill a small form telling us your order no. and the transaction no. so that we can instantly credit your account. This might take a few business hours depending on how busy our support team is, during that time!

Currently, we don’t accept any other mode of payment, and existing mode of payments can change without any prior notice due to various reasons.

Is this a Marketplace?

No, AdBaazi is an Ad Listing platform for serious buyers and sellers across India. Our platform allows potential buyers and sellers ( B2B or B2C) to post their requirements on our platform.

These are visible in forms of text, images or videos. That’s where our role finishes. Once the Ad is live, depending on the content and market outreach of the ad, you or any other potential buyer/seller can contact the person/company who has posted the ad, and engage in a discussion on your end.

To facilitate conversation, we do provide in-built messaging service to registered users.

AdBaazi, never or will never, ask for any payment from any buyer or seller to perform a trade or anything that a marketplace does, because, we’re not a marketplace 🙂

How Can I Contact Seller?

In order to retrieve phone number of the seller, go to their profile page or any of their ads and you will notice an option to see their phone number.

If you wish to start messaging conversation with the seller, first create an account. Once you have created your account, navigate to any of theirads and you will notice a button for sending message.

List of your messages is available on your profile. There you will be able to continue conversations.

How Review System Works?

There are two types of reviews – buyer and seller. But for that you need to register on our platform.

In order to review their services or for them to review you, you need to have a conversation via our platform. Once they respond to your message, you will be able to review the seller and at the same time seller will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile, they will be able to see your overall review, complete list of your reviews and to filter them by type.

Once you post review, it can not be changed. The other person has the opportunity to reply to their reviews that they have received.

Note: Don’t abuse this system so that we can maintain the integrity of the platform.

Can any type of Ad be posted?

No, unfortunately, there are certain categories that are not allowed on our platform.

Also, we don’t allow misleading ads or ads supporting illicit activites.

To know more, refer to our Listing Policy.

How To Report an Ad?

If you feel that the ad  is breaking some rules, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing detail reason. Ad will remain active until administrator checks it out.

What Are Featured/ Favorite Ads?

If you have found some ad which you want to visit later or contact seller later, etc. you can mark it as Favorite and it will be save to the list of your favorite ads which you can access from your profile dashboard.

I am not sure about an ad. What to do?

AdBaazi is simply an Ad Listing platform, which allows users to post their ads. It becomes impossible to recognize the authenticity of the ads, and separate genuine ads from fraudulent ones. Hence, before you approach any buyer or seller, please follow the below safety tips, and remember to report an ad which you feel violates our Listing guidelines. It’s your platform ultimately, as much as it is everyone else’s so lets make it awesome:

Safety Tips

Here are several safety guidelines to help make sure that your usage of AdBaazi is safe. While community members who use AdBaazi have success with buying, selling, renting or connecting with others. It is important we help keep our community members safe from people attempting to scam or defraud them. We have found that one of the best ways to address this problem is to ensure that all transactions take place locally and in-person.

We request you to take the following precautions:

  1. When buying or selling, you should meet in-person to see the product

Learn as much as you can about who you are meeting or trading with before you complete the transaction. AdBaazi is all about local transactions. Arrange a phone call before setting a place for a meeting. Meet only after you are completely satisfied that the person(s) is authentic.

  1. Never send or wire money to sellers or buyers

This includes never mailing a cheque or using wire payment services to pay for items found on AdBaazi.

  1. Be wary of Users with no reliable contact information

Including those who respond slowly or not at all.

  1. AdBaazi does not offer any sort of buyer protection

Any emails or websites that talk about such systems are scams, even if they have the AdBaazi logo. If you receive any emails promoting these services, ignore the message/mail and please contact us.

  1. Never provide your personal or banking information (e.g. credit card number) to others over the Internet

Never give out your AdBaazi password, even if asked to do so in an email supposedly sent by AdBaazi.

  1. Protect personal information

For example, do not share your home address unless you know the other person and want them to visit you.

  1. Be aware of our Terms of Use and Prohibited Items Policy

Read AdBaazi’s Terms of Use and Policies in detail to always be one step ahead

  1. Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud

Do not believe the promise of large sums of money for your help in any task.

  1. Inform AdBaazi of any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, Ads, or other activity by community members
  2. Use common sense

If something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not.